Next to the Ina Ellen Chapel is the Courtyard Memorial Garden.  The Courtyard comprises a flagstone terrace with adjacent plantings and is an appropriate venue for the burial of cremains. Families who inter loved ones may provide memorial markers either with a brass ground plaque or a brass name plaque affixed to the Chapel.

Stemming from the strong interest of some of our member families, a memorial garden became reality at St. John’s. Located between the education building and Ina Ellen Chapel, St. John’s Courtyard is a haven for quiet repose and meditation.

The Courtyard comprises a flagstone terrace with adjacent plantings and the Chapel’s exterior north wall. The design of the terrace is simple and straight forward with provision for memorial ground plaques. The adjunct, in-scale plantings have been selected to mature with grace and beauty, enhancing the Courtyard’s feeling of quiet intimacy for future generations.

St. John’s Courtyard affords an ideal site for personal or intimate family memorial services. The garden areas are appropriate venues for the dispersion of the post-cremation remains (ashes) of a loved one who was a member of St. John’s.

St. John’s families have the opportunity to memorialize former members of the Congregation by the installation of bronze memorial plaques, either incorporated into the surface of the terrace, or affixed to the exterior Chapel wall.

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