Rosie CarusoRosie grew up on the north shore of Boston and was educated in Boston.  She worked in International Foreign Currency Exchange banking in Boston and moved to NYC when she met her husband and worked for another bank in Government Portfolio.  When her first child was born they moved to Darien and she was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mother of two children.  When they attended nursery school she volunteered a great deal and eventually stayed on as the director’s assistant for 13 years.  Rosie continued volunteer work while her children were in school and was a member of the RTM (Representative Town Member) for 8 years, President of the Women’s Guild at St. John Roman Catholic Church and Council member.  When her children grew older she assisted with the opening of a daycare center at the new Swiss Bank Corporation in Stamford.  After that she worked at a Swedish Holding Company in Stamford for a decade.  In high school and college, both her children were very active in sports, and she and her husband traveled to the majority of their games.  Frequent miles on the car would have been nice!  Now Rosie and her husband Mark have 3 granddaughters and feel quite blessed. She enjoys photography, travel, reading, her friends and family.

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