• Bishop Eaton issues pastoral message on death of Herbert Chilstrom

    Jan 19, 2020

    ​Dear Church,With sadness I bring you the news that Presiding Bishop Emeritus Herbert W. Chilstrom died at home early this morning. His wife, Pastor Corinne Chilstrom; his son, Chris Holt; and family were with him.Bishop Chilstrom was the first presiding bishop of the ELCA. Many of you knew him in those early days when the ELCA was just getting started – there was no furniture at the Lutheran Center, files were in boxes, phones were on the floor, and the skeleton staff worked on card tables and folding chairs. He was once told by a corporate executive sitting next to[…]

  • ELCA presiding bishop pastoral letter on the United Methodist Church

    Jan 9, 2020

    ​Dear Church,Through full communion, we have grown in unity and fellowship over the past decade with the United Methodist Church (UMC). We are receiving and sharing gifts, strengthening the body of Christ, and deepening mission and ministry for the sake of the world. Last week, in a flurry of misleading headlines, many of us read that the United Methodist Church had split. This is not, in fact, what happened. On Jan. 3, it was announced that an ideologically diverse group of leaders collaborated in a mediation process resulting in their unanimous support for a proposed agreement. If adopted, the Protocol[…]

  • ELCA presiding bishop responds to anti-Semitic incidents in New York

    Dec 30, 2019

    ​December 30, 2019Today is the last day of Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. As our Jewish siblings lighted the menorah, they sang this blessing:                We kindle these lights because of the wondrous deliverance You performed for our ancestors. During these eight days of Hanukkah, these lights are sacred; we are not to use them but only to behold them, so that their glow may rouse us to give thanks for Your wondrous acts of deliverance. Tragically, several acts of anti-Semitic hatred, bigotry and violence in New York during these[…]

  • The ELCA makes innovation a priority for future growth

    Dec 6, 2019

    ​CHICAGO  — The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mikka McCracken as the new Executive for Innovation and Director, ELCA Leadership Lab. This new role will serve as a change champion, equipping and supporting the development of key leaders to address the most pressing problems of the church. "The way people hear and receive the gospel is changing at a at an increasingly rapid rate. The competitors of the gospel are many. What hasn't changed is the liberating good news that we are loved and are set free to serve the neighbor. The Leadership[…]

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