Sunday, July 10, 2016

It has been another difficult, horrific week in America.  We typically read about shootings, bombings, and mass killings in other countries, but yet again, violence this past week has been here at home.

Baton Rouge and Minneapolis shootings, and the horrific sniper-style killing of Dallas police officers, have once again pushed racial tensions to dangerous levels, and fallout from each incident reveals just how far we have to go to be color-blind as a country, and how the brutal actions of a few, pushes to the surface wider societal problems that simmer just beneath the surface of our culture.


Many watch the non-stop coverage and talking heads on 24-hour news and are saturated as they, and frankly all of us, try to come to grips with, and understand how, our nation can have such violence and death.

Jesus would have us ache with those who experience pain and loss, pray for all who have been touched by tragedy, and support all efforts that seek understanding, tolerance, and justice.  Our Gospel text today [Luke 10:25-37] is about loving God and loving one another – it would seem the former is much easier than the latter.


In the absence of easy answers, we cry out to God.  Perhaps this is one of those times of lament, when we must place our confusion and sadness before the One who is the Rock of our Salvation.


- Pastor Pederson

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