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Vacation Bible School
Choir Camp
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Sunday Summer Service Schedule
There will be one service at 9:30 in the Sanctuary starting this Sunday, June 15.
Welcome to St. John’s Lutheran Church!

Confident in the knowledge that Christ is with us always, we, the members of St. John’s Lutheran church, are called as disciples of Christ to worship God, proclaim the Gospel, grow in our understanding of Holy Scripture, love one another, and share with others God's grace and blessings. (The mission state of St. John’s as written at the council retreat on June 17, 2000.)

ALL are welcomed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose church this is. We are very pleased you have chosen to be with us and we hope your worship experience will be meaningful and joyous. ALL who have been baptized, believe in Jesus as Lord, and His real presence in this Holy Sacrament are most welcome to commune. Young children are invited to come with parents to receive a blessing.

St. John’s Lutheran Church is a Reconciling in Christ congregation as part of a national ministry administered by Lutherans Concerned designed to encourage inclusive ministry. We affirm that we welcome all persons regardless of race, gender, national origin, age or sexual orientation.

Sunday Morning Services
    Summer worship schedule through September 14: One service at 9:30 in the main sanctuary

  We wish to offer an invitation to all who do not have a church home or other spiritual contact within our community and we invite anyone interested to attend our Sunday Services or any other activity on this web site.
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